How to administer the website

This website does not have a single webmaster or a website administrator, because the Town does not have budget for such a position. To deal with this issue, the Website Committee has designed the website to accomodate several dozen administrators. Each department, committee, commission, and board has taken on the responsibility to post its own public meetings, minutes, and headlines, and to maintain its links and documents. As a result, new administrators are continually being trained.

This page is intended to provide guidance and advice for the several dozen administrators of this website.

Others are also welcome to browse this section of the website. Of course, you may not make changes without an administrator login and password. However, you might find it interesting to know how town departments, boards, committees, and commissions all contribute to the content of the website.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Website Committee.

Code of Conduct

Basic Functionality